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About Sarkariya

Sarkariya helps high net-worth families and investors identify and address their asset management, investing, risk mitigation, and financial structuring challenges. We work in close cooperation with each client to develop a wealth management plan that is cost-effective while enhancing value and yield across the board. 

Sarkariya advisors create a 360° comprehensive wealth management strategy which aims to preserve your assets and grow them in a sustainable manner. With personal attention to your individual needs, we manage the diverse demands of wealth so you can be secure that your interests are taken care of by experts.

Our Investments

We are dedicated to transforming our clients’ investment portfolios and supporting growth in new global markets, with continuously mitigating risk. The depth of our experience matched with our international network of industry leaders offers our clients a unique advantage when investing in early stage technology companies.

Our investments focus on groundbreaking companies that are ahead of the curve in developing new technologies. We search for entrepreneurs and growth-stage technology companies with a strong potential for substantial value growth. We support innovation and outside-the-box thinking in the ideas we invest in and the companies we work with.

In addition to diligently monitoring and advising on your portfolio and potential investment opportunities, we implement risk mitigation and cost structuring practices to make sure your assets are secure in the long run.

Our Process










In a complex economic environment, Sarkariya support you when making tough financial decisions or meeting business challenges through performance, growth, governance and risk management.

  • Define a comprehensive strategy related to value creation.
  • Assist in decision making based on current and future performance levels.
  • Collaborate with our global network of experts to develop sector-specific solutions.
  • Tap into our knowledge base for information on regulations and geographic regions.
  • Utilize advance technology to automate processes.

At Sarkariya, we are particularly interested in high-growth technology companies in sectors such as big data, robotics, cyber security, energy management, health tech, advanced materials, autonomous vehicles and mobility.

  • Evaluate investment through a financial and operations perspective.
  • Understand market and sector specific trends.
  • Strategic guidance during unique investment opportunities.
  • Catalyze company expansion through targeted investments.
  • Collaborate with company founders to reach capital efficiency.

The larger the return, the larger the risk for investors. We never advise on a decision without assessing the full picture of risk factors and implementing a defined risk management strategy.

  • Identify and assess key risk areas that are most relevant.
  • Address risk through effective management and accountability.
  • Establish risk framework to prepare for and control the probability of threats.
  • Prioritize risks to reduce the impact of current risks and any new risks.
  • Continue to evaluate the effectiveness of risk processes.

We help our clients get the most out of the various services they employ while reducing costs where possible. We take into account the fixed and variable costs that our clients face and define an appropriate cost structure.

  • Reduce cost spending through use of automated checks and controls.
  • Improve process efficiency to reduce cost spending.
  • Analyze data to improve decision making.
  • Continuously monitor value creation.

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